Warranty Reporting

Warranty Reporting

Integrated real-time warranty reporting from Dell, Lenovo and Microsoft.

CloudRadial’s infrastructure reporting includes integrations with Dell, Lenovo, and Microsoft for warranty data at no additional charge. Capable of completely replacing leading warranty reporting tools, CloudRadial keeps you and your client informed about endpoint warranties within your client portal. You can inform clients when warranties expire and report on upcoming expirations.

Even if your client isn’t interested in extending machine warranties, it’s still a great indicator of when a endpoint should be replaced, and information your clients expect you to keep track of. With CloudRadial, they can see for themselves that this information is documented everyday, right inside their portal.

Bring Warranties Into Focus

Highlight aging hardware to start conversations with clients.

Track Assets

Put a real-time dashboard of all your clients' asset data at your and your clients' fingertips.

Make a Plan / Build a Pipeline

Gives you and your clients the information needed to make decisions about replacing hardware or extending warranties. Then, easily add to the QBR account planner for review.


Sync warranty information from Connectwise, Autotask, Lenovo/IBM, Dell and Microsoft Surface, giving you and your clients the full picture to manage all of your managed equipment.

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