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What if you had one Unified Client Portal that connected clients directly to your MSP technology stack?

With CloudRadial's Unified Client Portal, you can:

  • Provide an Amazon-like client experience

  • Simplify client interactions with self-triage and self-service

  • Prove your value with real-time insights and reporting


CloudRadial Unified Client Portal™

What is CloudRadial’s Unified Client Portal?


White-labeled to your MSP, the portal is powered by CloudRadial’s Clients Services Automation Platform. Self-service features, integrations, and automations are consolidated into one single, user-friendly interface.


It's a centralized online platform with a comprehensive and seamless customer experience for interacting with the MSP. Give your clients a familiar experience, like online shopping, but for all your MSP services and products.

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Key Features

Single Sign-On

Clients can log in once using their M365 credentials and gain access to multiple features and resources without the need for separate logins.

Teams Integration

Clients can access all features and resources from the Microsoft Teams environment.

Service Requests

Let your clients order or request new services, and new licenses, onboard new users, or submit support tickets.


Clients have access to training on M365, security, productivity and more.


Integration with ConnectWise, Autotask, Kasaya BMS, SyncroMSP, and Halo to provide a holistic view of ticket interactions.


Access tools for two-way and broadcast communication between you and your clients.

Account Information

Give clients access to invoices, quotes, agreements, and the ability to make payments from the portal.


MSPs can customize the portal to display information and features tailored to individual clients.

Why MSPs need a Unified Client Portal

You have hundreds of clients with unique IT needs and know you'd like even more.

But it's tough to scale your MSP if you're not doing the most with the clients you already have.

That's why you need CloudRadial's Unified Client Portal, powered by the CSA platform.

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See how CloudRadial's Unified Client Portal will set your MSP apart from the competition