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CloudRadial Portal 365 features


End the chaos of ticket management via email and phone. Make the ticketing experience better for your team and clients with smart ticketing and automation. 


Transparent client reporting puts easy-to-understand data that your clients need right at their fingertips. Eliminate tedious meeting preparation with automatic reporting.

Account Management

Built-in dashboards bring all your data together. Easily create customizable dashboards for every client. Tap into new client opportunities and align your services with client growth.

Portal 365
Monthly Pricing No Onboarding Fee
$ 95
up to 500 users
Ticketing Features
Client Portal
Provide a clean, modern, and flexible ticketing interface and let clients submit problem reports and service requests as well as see their ticket history.
PSA Connection
Benefit from a direct API connection to top PSA tools that allow you to create and display tickets within your portal.
Autotask, ConnectWise, Halo, Kaseya BMS, Syncro, Email
Teams App (Customizable)
Customize your Microsoft Teams application with your own name, logo, description, color profile, and much more.
Desktop App (Customizable)
Customize your desktop application with your own name, logo, desktop shortcuts, and much more.
Take advantage of customer satisfaction surveys that are natively integrated into the ticketing portal. Plus, you can add them to existing PSA ticket templates.
Service Catalog
Present customers with a visually appealing and easy-to-use menu system that they can use to onboard/offboard users, order equipment, and much more.
Question Templates
Create system-wide sets of questions that you can quickly re-use for tickets and forms throughout the platform, making tickets easier to build
Dynamic Forms
Build ticket forms that contain all of the questions you need to ask from the get-go. No creativity is needed here - tons of sample tickets are included.
Custom Domain URL
Look professional with a custom domain via CNAME mapping to fully white label your portal experience.
Route tickets to any board or queue you need with any appropriate statuses, types, and more.
Add structured tasks to any ticket that appear in the PSA as to-dos for reliable service delivery consistency.
Signature Required
Present terms of service and request customer signatures within tickets to streamline the ordering of goods and services.
Status Workflows
Construct custom ticketing options down to the client level. Status Workflows offer sophisticated options for ticket approvals, routing, and escalation.
Approval Workflows
Establish key approval workflows from either user roles or a defined list of approvers to approve requested items before you provision or start work.
Power Automate
Create advanced workflows from CloudRadial tickets to Microsoft's Power Automate platform. Automate license provisioning, alert triggers, and more.
Slack & Teams Notification
Send select tickets directly to Slack or Teams channels for you or your clients to modernize your ticket communications.
JSON Webhooks
Create advanced workflows from CloudRadial tickets to any JSON webhook-accepting application (like Zapier). Let your automation creativity go wild.
CHAT (PSA Integrated)
CloudRadial Starter Chat integrates into your PSA to create tickets from Chat conversations.
Add On: $95/mo
CHAT (AI & PSA Integrated)
CloudRadial Chat Professional adds AI assistance to cover most tier-one support and integrates into your PSA to create and close tickets from Chat conversations.
ADD On: $195/mo
Support PIN Capture
Prompt your users for a custom support PIN so that technicians can cross-verify users and securely provide remote user assistance.
Broadcast Messages
Push important customer-facing messages through the web or desktop applications. The desktop applications will trigger a native pop-up from the system tray.
Banner Notifications
Inform clients of outages, updates, and general information with easy-to-read banner notifications that can be placed in key sections of the portal.
Infrastructure Reporting
Provide comprehensive asset information on endpoints, servers, applications, and domains with business-relevant data that customers want to know.
Microsoft 365 Reporting
Present Office 365 license details, adoption reporting, tenant health, and more - all from the portal, without needing to access to the Office 365 Admin Center.
Microsoft 365 Secure Scores
View your connected customer tenant's Office 365 secure score settings without having to navigate to each client portal.
Warranty Reporting
Provide endpoint and server warranty reports. Pull warranty information directly from Dell and Lenovo or from your PSA.
MFA Status Reporting
Deliver information and report on multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Office 365 users, pulled via the Microsoft Graph API.
Network Reporting
Present network and network device information within the portal automatically with a connection to either Auvik or Domotz.
Mac Reporting
Give Mac users some much-needed love and pull their device data either through Addigy or via the CloudRadial Mac agent.
Software Reporting
Identify sales opportunities for out-of-date and end-of-life software with software reporting—track and audit user software lists for discussions with client management.
Training Reports
Deliver detailed reports on training completion of courses within the portal. Choose to report by the individual or by the course.
SaaS Reporting
Showcase invaluable SaaS application information pulled directly from Augmentt. Display user software history, shadow IT, data leakage, and much more.
Report Archive
Get more credit for your work by storing customer-relevant reports in archives. Send reports directly into the archives with their unique email address.
Account Management
Company Intranet
Provide a full intranet suite for your customers. With the right permissions, users can add application links, articles, courses, and more to their portal.
Learning Management (LMS)
Create engaging and effective training courses directly within CloudRadial's native learning management system (LMS)—track training completion anytime.
40+ Bigger Brains Courses
Enjoy 40+ high-quality Bigger Brains courses for free without having to create your own training content. 180+ courses are also available as an add-on purchase.
Knowledge Base
Provide content that reduces client support calls and keeps key information centralized. Link off to IT Glue articles or pull articles in via API for Hudu.
Provide clients with a list of their invoices and the ability to download a printable copy. This information is pulled from supported PSA tools.
Show quotes and provide access to quote PDFs and quote portal links. This information is pulled from connected PSA tools.
Display active agreement and agreement balances. This information is pulled from ConnectWise PSA Only
Payment Portal
Provide one-click SSO access to ConnectBooster or Wise-Pay payment portals directly from within the CloudRadial portal.
Microsoft 365 to PSA Sync
Automatically update your PSA contacts from Office 365. Plus, end-users can update their own personal details.

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What Our Customers Say

Carl de Prado
CloudRadial is an awesome program that makes my documentation easier. It saves me time and money. Simplifies my client interface. Total win!
Carl de Prado
Founder at A2Z Business IT
Joe Svoboda
MSPs that take the time to dive into and customize CloudRadial will have a leg up on any competition and make their current customers extremely sticky.
Joe Svoboda
The Miller Group
Colin Lee
Going to land a $16k a month client and the tipping point is really the CloudRadial portal with Teams integration, plus the onboarding workflow for new hires.
Colin Lee
CL Technologies
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