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ConnectWise User Portal vs CloudRadial Portal 365


Watch a demo of Portal 365
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Upgrade your user portal to one your customers will actually use

CloudRadial's Portal 365 upgrades the user experience while maintaining seamless integration with your ConnectWise PSA.

Experience a paradigm shift in how your clients perceive the value you bring to their business. Portal 365 dazzles with its intuitive design, empowers with its robust automation and enlightens with its exceptional IT reporting features. Once you switch, you'll never turn back.

Watch a demo of Portal 365

ConnectWise User Portal vs CloudRadial Portal 365

Portal 365 gives MSPs and their clients an exceptional user experience.

CloudRadial Portal 365 ConnectWise User Portal
Ticketing Forms
Scalable, easily customizable per client
Functional, but difficult to customize per client
Included for free, has automation and client-facing dashboards
x Not available in the user portal
User Applications
Fully configurable and visual custom application menu links for clients
x Not available in the user portal
50+ training courses included free, plus the option to create custom courses or buy more
x Not available in the user portal
Add documents within Portal 365 or bring them in from any 3rd-party source
x Not available in the user portal
Endpoints, servers, domains, certificates, applications
x Not available in the user portal
50+ integrations spanning chat, reporting, security, backup, billing, and more
3 integrations available
Ticket overviews, M365 reporting, 3rd-party report repository, dashboards, and PDF reports
x Not available in the user portal
Shows invoices and opportunities to clients
Shows agreements and invoices
Shows projects and project tickets with filterable options and back-and-forth discussions
Shows projects and tasks
User Sync
Syncs with ConnectWise PSA and M365, with the option to keep both in sync for you
Syncs PSA contacts
Fully white-labeled, including logos, domains, and color schemes on a per-client basis
Customizable login image, logo, and text color
On the web, within a desktop application, and/or within Microsoft Teams
Accessible via web

Elevate your experience and that of your clients by upgrading from the ConnectWise user portal

Land new clients

by impressing potential clients with your cutting-edge portal that prioritizes client communication.

Handle more clients

by optimizing client interactions through automation for reporting and smart ticketing triage.

Save on labor costs

by utilizing the portal to organize and triage tickets with self-service options and automation.

Showcase your value

by showing dashboards, client reporting, archives of third-party reports, and beyond - in real-time 

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