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Your help desk deserves
an AI upgrade

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Put AI chat to work to pre-triage or solve tickets, clarify users' IT questions, or transfer to a live person if needed


How CloudRadial Chat works

Engage Users

With Starter, engage users in their go-to platforms:

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Slack

  • SMS

  • Web 

CloudRadial Chat in Microsoft Teams

Utilize Slash Commands

Easily interact with your PSA and other stack tools, such as CrushBank, without leaving Chat. Use slash commands to:

  • Add notes

  • Change status

  • Customize options

CloudRadial Slash Commands

Add AI Assistance

With Professional, use AI to pre-triage tickets or even solve them.

  • Built on OpenAI

  • Tuned for IT issues

  • Creates result tickets

Add AI Chat Bot

Connect Your Stack

Connect your existing systems to bring together a unified tech and client experience:

  • PSAs

  • Knowledge Bases

  • CloudRadial CSA


Add Workflows

With Enterprise, tailor your user experience with custom-designed workflows for:

  • Frequent issues

  • Vertical markets

  • Sales

Dialog Workflow

What's the value of CloudRadial Chat?

See how even small changes can impact your service desk and bottom line

  • Hourly Cost Per Tech


    $20 $100
  • Number of Daily Queries


  • Minutes Per Query


  • AI Resolutions (No Tech Needed)


  • Cost Per Query

  • Daily Savings

  • Monthly Savings

Chat savings are based on money saved by streamlining PSA lookup and data entry, verifying the user, identifying the core issue, and for some tickets, resolving the ticket entirely without tech intervention through the use of AI.

Money (and time) saved are free to direct to other more useful endeavors such as growing the business, servicing more clients, and/or leaving in time for dinner with your family.

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