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Our Partners Love Us


The ease of adding processes and keeping continuity for repeat tasks is great. Giving the client the info they need to get the best outcome helps both parties.
Stuart Willcocks
Urban Networks, UK
The tool is very intuitive and the updates are quite frequent. We've enjoyed this product as a company and the support has been incredible.
Brandon Zachary
NexiGen Communications
LOVE CloudRadial! Innovative platform that fills a huge void in the industry.
Jeremy McParlan
OnPar Tech
Implementing CloudRadial is an absolute no brainer. The platform puts everything in the customers’ hands via an interface that’s easy to access, use, and understand.
Steve Wojcik
Prosper Solutions
We love this platform - lots that could be better and we're happy to help engage around that - but it's rock solid.
Joe Markert
I do want to let you know that I’m in love with your product and could not be happier. MSPs that take the time to dive into and customize CloudRadial will have a leg up on any competition and make their current customers extremely sticky.
Joe Svoboda
The Miller Group
I spoke with yet another partner yesterday that is moving to CloudRadial. You guys are killing it. People are so happy with your platform. Congratulations. 😊
Nancy Williams
Bigger Brains
Phenomenal product - very pleased.
Luke Koss
The end-to-end integration, where we enter the data once and it shows up across all the other platforms, wouldn't be possible without CloudRadial acting as the glue between Microsoft and our PSA.
Dan Baird
Cloudradial rocks our socks! 🙂
ROI Technology, Inc.
After comparing our old portal and CloudRadial, the choice was obvious. The flexibility and the number of features we now have available has been a huge upgrade.
Marc Ludwig
PACE Technical
I am very impressed with Business Development, Onboarding support, Technical Support, and of course, the CloudRadial product. I am stoked to onboard more customers, while using CloudRadial as a business driver!
Adam Domingues
Way off topic, but it seems like everyone, and their brother is being acquired by CW or Kaseya lately…please don’t get acquired! I really enjoy working with you and your company, and we often see those relationships suffer as a result of acquisition.
Stuart Willcocks
Urban Networks, UK
Great product, unsure why everyone isn't using it.. Because I'm reluctant to give away one of our successful tools to competition!
Chris Sharp
Managed IT, Aus.
Cloudradial has quickly become our go-to tool as clients are in love with the portal at first sight.
Ronald Lei
Going to land a $16k a month client and the tipping point is really the CloudRadial portal, with Teams integration and the ability to have a new hire onboarding workflow for new hires.
Colin Lee
CL Technologies
By the way I love what you’re continuing to do with the product. We are still extremely excited about it!
Steve Payerle
Next Level Technologies
Well, nothing else compares to CR, and my clients have said they love the portal design.
Paul Graafmans
Iconic IT Solutions
We are very happy Cloudradial customers.
Dave Adamson
EACS, Ltd.
I absolutely love your product and we have received nothing but the best feedback from our clients.
Dyllan Kincaid
Guardian IT
CloudRadial is critical to our services, and we love the product.
Bill Sullivan
Expera Information Technology
It keeps getting better and I do believe we are listened to as a customer, partner and MSP.
Jason Smith
ZATIS Technology Group
CloudRadial is awesome! I love the product! Very helpful to grab information from current devices and for audit purposes!
QuickTech, Canada
Love seeing CloudRadial blow up. I continue to be a vocal advocate of CloudRadial as an MSP owner. I also tell people to use the onboarding consulting option, and that I was the 1st customer of that.
Dustin Puryear
Puryear IT
We've been using the Augmentt integration since it was released and love it. With what CloudRadial and Augmentt do alone, I can't wait to see added integration between these two great tools.
Cary Wagner
Pacific Northwest Managed I.T. Services
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