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Asset Management

Track Windows, Macs, servers, applications and services for integrated reporting and compliance.

Consolidate Asset Reporting

CloudRadial brings together all of your client's assets together in one place for improved transparency and reporting and to facilitate compliance with control frameworks.


Endpoint Reporting

Collect and report complete endpoint information from Windows and Mac computers without compromising important details. Show endpoint performance, security, patching and even compliance with key policies through lists and graphs to make understanding user ready. 


Network Reporting

Include network devices directly from Auvik or Domotz to showcase the scope of what you manage.


Software Reporting

Bring together a complete list of software and versions across an organization. Track by policy to ensure the right software and versions are installed as required.


Server Reporting

Track servers both in the cloud and on-premise and show important security and patching information.


Domain Reporting

Monitor and report on client domains and certificates with key DNS records to help users manage their important web assets.


Popular Features:

vCIO Planner

Easily link any asset to the built-in planner to review with clients.

Addigy Support

Automatically sync Mac assets from your Addigy tenants including software.

Built-in Charting

Break down information in both list and chart view to make information easy for users to consume.


Give clients an automated nightly run down of any exceptions to the best practices you’ve defined for their account.


Consolidate asset reporting into automatically updated dashboard displays.


Download asset reports each night so that you can integrate information into other systems.


Learn more about CloudRadial

Asset management is just part of CloudRadial’s integrated MSP and IT service platform to help you put the “customer” in “customer service” on your path to MSP 2.0™. Learn how our other features and asset management work together to deliver a complete path to success for your business.