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Get consistent and scaleable client-facing assessments across all of your clients

Optimize your assessment process for manual review with fully customizable questions to analyze your client's risk


This optional client-facing feature helps your clients prioritize compliance, governance, and security improvements

Versatile, Scalable Templating

Build a consistent assessment architecture for use in engagements of any size and scope.

Free Templated Content

Get started with our free content, such as our NIST 800-171a form, available for all partners.

Mass Distribution to Multiple Clients

Push out assessment templates to multiple clients with seamless and scalable content distribution.

Import/Export from Excel

Customize and import assessments within CloudRadial via Excel file import/export.

Assessment Tools Catered to Your Business

Customize and track your assessments to best fit both you and your clients' unique needs.

Customizable Questions

Create and add specific details to your questions, from general information to risk and remediation criteria.

Multiple-Level Assessment Runs

Build your assessments to run on multiple bases: User, Group, or Organization-specific.

Scoring and Risk Assessments

Add scoring to questions to create full risk reports and offer recommendations to clients in your CloudRadial Planner.

Manage clients at scale with CloudRadial

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