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Kill the QBR with Automation

Ditch QBR prep. With automated QBRs, your clients can access the information they need using self-service.

Use your freed-up time to focus on the outcomes your customers wantnot just the essentials they need. 


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Transparent client reporting puts easy-to-understand QBR data that your clients need right at their fingertips

Use the Sales Matrix to get an overview of all your clients' needs

It's more than a spreadsheet the CloudRadial sales matrix helps you quickly visualize planner card placement across all clients at all times.

Sales Matrix-1

vCIO Account Planner 

Give your clients a roadmap of what you’ll do and when, what you’ve done, and what you can do for them with a vCIO Planner.


Client Scoring 

Some of your best sales opportunities lie with the clients you already have. Use the client scoring feature to see where the opportunities are.

Client Scoring
“Before CloudRadial, our QBR process was broken. We spent hour and hours making XLSs and PDFs. But none of it discussed the important issues.”
Chris Copeland
Valiant Technology

Deliver Insight

Being an MSP is about helping lead from the boardroom, not just report from the server room. Deliver insights that make a difference to your clients' business.

Listen and Guide

The most valuable part of a quarterly meeting is listening to your client talk about their business and seeing where you fit in. Automating your QBR frees you up to be the best vCIO for your clients.

More Features

Automation instantly prepares business reviews to increase your revenues


Quickly find endpoint and server data in the portal

Warranty Reporting

Client IT Roadmap

Collaborate, plan, and budget your clients’ technology needs

Give your clients the big picture for compliance, cybersecurity, and more


Give your clients the big picture for compliance, cybersecurity, and more

Handle ticketing with tremendous efficiency from dynamic forms and customized questions.

Policy Reporting

Instantly find exceptions and add them to your clients’ vCIO planner

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