vCIO Account Planner

Schedule New Projects, Products, and Services

Having a plan for your clients is the result of a good vCIO process. But, these plans vary by client and even sometimes based on which account manager is managing the client. With CloudRadial’s Account Planner feature, you can match the right products to the right clients, provide account managers with a clear roadmap and even allow clients to add items to their own plans. Best of all, with CloudRadial you’ll get a clear roll-up report across all of your clients.

Account Roadmap

Graphically organize and present your plan for each client.

Drag & Drop Scheduling

Easily arrange your client's roadmap with drag and drop convenience.

Pricing and Priority

Show item priority and pricing on the list for client presentation.

Organized by Category

Present items by category to make it easy for clients to understand how all of your services work together.   See Sample Category View

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Staff & Client Suggestions

Incorporate feedback from technical support staff and clients for review.

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Central Place for All Suggestions

The Account Planner is your central place for consolidating suggestions from staff and clients.

Mark Items for Discussion

You or your clients can easily add items to a client's roadmap for review during the QBR.

CloudRadial Integration

Adding planner items is integrated in every section of CloudRadial to make it easy to add suggestions for infrastructure, policy pages and more.

Summary Reporting

Roll-up plans from all clients to understand future requirements.

Project Meta Data

Add data to each item to understand your revenue, margin and staffing impact by quarter.   See Sample Edit

Estimation Charting

Get charts by quarter of key metrics.

Downloadable Details

Download all client data to create your own spreadsheets and reports. Or, feed your data into dashboards such as Power BI and BrightGauage.

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