TruMethods vs CloudRadial

TruMethods vs CloudRadial

MyITProcess vs CloudRadial

CloudRadial’s MSP Client Portal has integrated tools that work together to sell and grow client accounts while providing an exceptional client experience.  vCIO software is one piece of the puzzle that is under the CloudRadial hood.

TruMethod’s MyITProcess is single-purpose MSP vCIO software that builds client roadmaps.

The lifetime value of the MSP customer matters and CloudRadial understands this.  The puzzle pieces are integrated inside the client portal to help MSPs land, onboard, manage and grow their clients.  Yes, it includes vCIO software and much MORE!

CloudRadial Prepares QBRs for You

CloudRadial has revolutionized the QBR process by pushing client data, detail, insights and reporting into a dashboard that clients can access at any time. This dashboard also displays your service catalog, showcasing everything you can do for them. This leaves your entire face to face time to cover what your client really cares about:

  • How they can make more money
  • How they can save money
  • How they can reduce risk

Within less than a minute, CloudRadial takes your track items (very customizable to what you want to show) and displays them in a PDF branded to your MSP.  Again in a matter of minutes, you have something to present or email to your clients.

Easily Build a Scalable vCIO Process

Using our vCIO account planner, tracked QBR items, business policies, your MSP’s stack and a bit of automation, IT strategies and budgets are a snap.  You will find that it is very easy streamline your vCIO process, develop client IT roadmaps, monitor client’s compliance, develop IT standards and so much more. 

Client data is typically scattered in multiple systems and hours are spent analyzing and organizing into a report. 

Scale the Assessment Process

As part of the compliance process, IT Assessments help qualitatively note the status of items at a particular point in time and must be reviewed manually.  CloudRadial’s assessment module helps MSPs make these efforts consistent, scalable and client-facing if needed –  across all clients. Keep track of your MSP IT Standards, Industry Standards, External Regulations and your client’s internal IT Standards.  

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Power the vCIO with Tools and Automation for the Ultimate Client Experience

Streamlined Ticketing

Web and Desktop App

Clients can access your portal through their web browser or a customizable desktop application.

Ticket Portal

Clients can submit tickets for problems and service requests.

Ticket Management

Clients can view and comment on their tickets, client management can view all tickets and approve end-user submissions.

PSA Integration

Tight integration with ConnectWise and Autotask makes for a seamless add-on. Plus, enhanced capabilities for Zendesk, Freshservice and other email-based ticketing systems.

Custom Forms

Ask the questions you want to get all the information you need.

Flexible Routing

Route tickets to any board or queue you need with any setting for statuses, types and more.


Add tasks to any ticket for service consistency.

Integrated CSAT

Customer satisfaction surveys built-in to the ticketing portal and easily added to outbound PSA emails.

Question Templates

Create common sets of questions to share among client forms.

Microsoft Teams & Slack

Send selected tickets to Teams or Slack channels for you or your clients.

Microsoft Flow

Create advanced workflows using Microsoft Flow webhooks or PSA custom fields.

3rd Party Chat

Integrate your favorite chat application so that your users have easy access just like they do from your website.

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Online Service and Product Catalog

Service Catalog

Feature the services your provide in an organized way that lets your clients know you do more than just deal with tickets.

Product Catalog

Define and promote the core products your company delivers for client understanding and account manager consistency.

Signature Support

Present terms of service and ask for a signature to streamline ordering of routine items.

Approval Workflow

Ask company management or a defined list of approvers to approve requested items before you provision or start work.

Solution Categories

Use CloudRadial's built-in 7 tier approach to solution selling that emphasizes client needs rather than technology or create your own.

Automated Client Reporting


Summarize your client information in customizable and easily scalable dashboard views for clients.

Infrastructure Reporting

Provide asset information on endpoints, servers, applications and domains with information business owners want to know.

Office 365 Reporting

Present Office 365 licensing, adoption reporting, tenant health and more without requiring access to the Office 365 Admin Center.

MFA Reporting

Deliver MFA reports for Office 365 users where available.

Network Reporting

Integration with Auvik presents network and device reports automatically.

Mac Reporting

Integration with Addigy pulls data in from all of your Mac endpoints.

CSAT Reporting

Provide clients with feedback on service performance.

Email Breach Reporting

Show clients emails that have been compromised and, where available, MFA protections to prevent issues.

QBR Policy Reporting

Give clients real-time status information on your performance and the business policies that drive their I.T. investments.

Email Report Archive

Send backup and other email reports to an online archive to reduce client email volume and improve compliance.

Change Reporting

Automatically show changes to Office 365 licensing and infrastructure.

Warranty Reporting

Provide endpoint and server warranty reports with charting. Pulls warranty information directly from Dell and Lenovo or from your PSA.

Datto Backup Reporting

Include updated Datto appliance reports including the latest test boot screenshots.

SkyKick Backup Reporting

Includes the ability to provide SkyKick reporting to clients straight from your SkyKick tenant.

Training Reporting

Show client management who has completed your integrated online courses.

PDF Summary Reporting

Generate PDF report packages you can use to leave behind supported by online information.

Improved QBR, vCIO & Account Management

Account Planner

Give your clients a roadmap with the vCIO Account Planner. It gets all of your clients and staff working in the same direction.

One-Step Add

Add any problems you spot within your client reports or dashboards to your client's account planner for resolution.

Meeting Tracker

Track meeting history and notes in one consistent place.

Client Scoring

Rank clients by your own metrics for project and product usage.

Sales Matrix

Track all of your core product offerings across clients without any additional effort.

Planner Summary

Report planner items across clients to identity future growth options and activity pipeline.

CSAT Rankings

Quickly track customer satisfaction by client and by agent and get alerted to issues while problems are still in process.

365 Secure Scores

Review client secure scores and details without having to log in to each client's security center.


Provide clients with a list of their invoices and the ability to download a printable copy.


Show quotes and provide access to quote PDFs and quote portal links.


Show active agreement and agreement balances.

Payment Portal

Provide one-click access to ConnectBooster or Wise-Pay payment portals.

Integrated Marketing & Communications


Deliver messages to clients based on company, type of company and/or user role.

Daily Digest

One-click push of messages out to users in a daily digest delivered to users inboxes.

Marketing Lists

Keep up-to-date client marketing lists built from companies and user roles that can be downloaded and used in 3rd party marketing software.

Mailchimp Integration

Update your Mailchimp audience directly from your marketing lists for easy email blasts.


Push broadcast messages through the web or desktop application that can then be shown through messages and daily digests.

Increased Client Productivity


Easy-to-use learning management is built-in so that you and your clients can create and track your own courses.

Bigger Brains

Easily add-on over 100 integrated Bigger Brains courses to deliver a superior training solution.

Quick Starts

Provide a library of PDF guides for common applications. Includes over 25 Office 365 documents.

Company Intranet

Provide a full intranet app for your clients. Clients can add menus, articles, support items and more to their portal to make it their own.

Knowledge Base

Provide content that reduces client support calls and even link IT Glue documents.

Application Launcher

Create client and IT approved links to cloud applications and even local resources.

Company Directory

Sync Office 365 and your PSA to create a clean company directory for your client's use.

Company Calendar

Clients can share Office 365 calendars easily to their staff with any effort by your team.

Office 365 Updates

Provide users with the latest changes to Office 365 straight from the Office 365 message center without admin access.

Enhanced Service Productivity

PSA / Office 365 Sync

Automatically update your PSA contacts from Office 365. Plus, end-users can update their own personal details.

Support PIN Capture

Includes prompting users for a custom support PIN so that techs can verify remote user access to support.

Office 365 Tenants

Get a recap of all of your Office 365 clients in one complete view.

Secure Score Reporting

View your tenant's Office 365 secure score settings without having to navigate to each client portal.

ConnectWise Tab

ConnectWise PSA users have access to a custom CloudRadial tab built into the ConnectWise interface.

Brandable Interface

Custom Log In Screen

Control the title, background and name of the portal your clients access.

Custom Desktop App

Customize the icons and links of the desktop application.

Custom Domain URL

Use your own custom URL for links back to your portal.

Custom Email Logo

Add your own logo to outbound client emails.

Industry Leading Security

Azure Hosting

Built on the security and certification framework of Microsoft Azure.   Read More

Isolated Database

Every partner's data is kept in their own database encrypted at rest.


Business Associate and GPDR Data Processor Agreements included with every plan.

Note: User counts based on users synced to CloudRadial from Office 365 or your PSA. Certain features may be limited based on the capabilities of your Office 365, PSA or third-party integrations. For specific questions or detailed information, please contact us.