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Ticketing Portal

End MSP ticket management of the past with a Unified Client Portal. Make the ticketing experience better for your team and clients with smart ticketing and automation. 


Integrates with ConnectWise, Autotask, Kasaya BMS, Syncro and Halo

Automate and optimize ticketing workflows

CloudRadial's ITIL-based service module efficiently handles problem tickets and service requests. Leverage self-triage and self-service to free up time and create faster ticket resolution times.

Ticket Submission

Clients may submit tickets via web, desktop app, or Microsoft Teams. 

Customized Questions

Configure your own questions from a wide variety of field choices. Answers are relayed along with the problem ticket.

Dynamic Forms

Display questions based on the answers to other questions. Prompt users for additional information as needed.

Flexible Routing

Route tickets to specific service boards with pre-categorization of type, subtype, and item. Or, route tickets by email to client co-management.

Drag and Drop Automations

No coding experience is needed. Easily build automated workflows for ticketing, onboarding, on-demand reporting, and more. Click to learn more. 

Encourage new service requests

An IT Service Catalog incorporated into the ticketing module makes it easy for clients to buy new equipment, add-on services, onboard new users, and more.

Showcase Your Services

Promote your list of services in a way that comes across as information your clients need rather than a sales pitch they might reject.

Approval Routing

Get approval relating to an order, if needed, before it comes over to your team.

Service Catalog Template

No need to start from scratch, we'll get you started with a template to modify.

Dynamic Presentation

Show items based on user group memberships or customize as needed.


View Tickets and Reporting

Let users view, track, and get on-demand reporting with the click of a button. 

ConnectWise or Autotask Integration

Pulls tickets and notes directly from your PSA boards or queues.

Consolidated Management View

Client managers can see all tickets, while users can only see their own tickets.

Ticket Search

Find tickets by a variety of ticket fields across open and closed tickets.

Approve & Update Tickets

Create client workflows for tickets and let clients comment, close, and provide feedback on their tickets

Approval Workflows

Allow client managers to approve tickets from users before you start work on them.

Synced PSA Discussions

Users can add their comments to ticket discussions that appear as normal feedback in PSA tickets.

Close & Cancel Tickets

Users can market tickets as closed or canceled.

Integrated CSAT Feedback

Allow users to flag their satisfaction with the process even while a ticket is still open.

Check Office 365 Status

Give users a direct view into Microsoft's status system

Tenant Specific

Status information is specific to your client's Office 365 tenant.

No Admin Required

Users don't need Office 365 administrator privileges to view.

Advisories Included

When users want more details, the complete Office 365 history is available.