Industry Leading Security

CloudRadial takes your security and your clients’ data very seriously. We provide regional application and data hosting in the United States, Europe and Australia to improve performance and compliance.

Microsoft Ready: CloudRadial fully supports the mandatory Microsoft Partner security requirements.

Microsoft Azure Hosting

Azure's top tier security features with data storage in the US, Canada, UK or Australia.

Encrypted Data Storage

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Key Vault Credentials Storage

Credentials are protected in a separate key vault and not kept in the database.

Point-in-Time Data Recovery

Recover to any point in time within the last 30 days.

Data Isolation

Each partner's data is kept in their own database.

Data Center Compliance

Azure's data centers provide over 50 certifications. More info

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User Based Security

Security is built-in to user processes.

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Mandatory SSL Client Encryption

HTTPS connections are enforced for all users.

Supports Office 365 MFA

Users can log in using the Office 365 credentials and require MFA when your systems have this enabled.

Single Access Tokens

Users can request a single use and time limited token that enables their access only after validation of their email address.

Support PINs

Prompts users for a support PIN that you can use to verify support requests that come from outside CloudRadial.

Government Compliance

Data storage practices support EU and US requirements including HIPAA.

HIPAA BAA Coverage

CloudRadial's terms and conditions provide Business Associate Agreement coverage.   More Info

Note: All of our systems are hosted in Microsoft Azure and are covered by Microsoft's Business Associate Agreement with us.

European Data Storage

European clients can request data storage in our UK data center for European Union data requirements.

GDPR Coverage

CloudRadial's terms and conditions provide a Data Processor agreement.   More Info

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