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Security Oversight

Are Your Clients Resisting Tighter Security?

Office 365 provides a rich set of security tools that are often not correctly deployed, not adopted by your clients or even recognized for their value. CloudRadial provides insights to help users make full use of Office 365’s security features and encourages them to fully deploy strong multi-factor authentication. When clients see who has access to their account and the risks that assess creates, they are much more likely to demand changes.

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Login Management

Help clients see the value of MFA.

  • Tracks MFA Access

    Shows users with MFA enabled to find potential credential theft threats.

  • Logins by Role

    Show user access by role to review access rights.

  • Change Tracking

    Shows changes in user role or login capabilities.

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Email Security

Showcase email protections.

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  • Visible Protection

    Provides users with clear insight into the threats their email faces everyday.

  • No Admin Required

    SPAM protection reporting provides the same data that is only available through the Admin features of Office 365.

  • Email In

    Besides SPAM, reports show the volume of email received by the organization.