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Retain Relationships

Don’t Give Your Clients to Microsoft

Reselling Office 365 and directing users to the Microsoft portal can eliminate the middle-man, which for resellers, is not the ideal situation. But Office 365 is complex, needs attention to setup and regular monitoring to run securely. Make this premium service something that clients value and pay for.

Retention Ideas

Here a few ways CloudRadial keeps your clients with you.

Avoid the Microsoft Portal

The Microsoft Admin Portal can confuse any I.T. veteran. Help users avoid the portal, but directing them to CloudRadial reporting and update information and then to the CloudRadial service portal for changes and additions.

Increase Office 365 Adoption

Use the data in CloudRadial to help showcase ways clients can improve their business processes with more usage of the applications and features they are paying for.

Differentiate Your Offering

Providing the same Office 365 experience as every other reseller can lead to a downward price spiral. Use CloudRadial’s complete suite of features to make your offering stand out.

Own the Cloudr

Clients use many more cloud services than just Office 365. Use this diversity to create an integrated approach with CloudRadial’s application launcher and other tools.

CloudRadial uses a client’s existing Office 365 investment and your existing PSA, such as ConnectWise or Autotask, to integrate seamlessly. Plus, its focus on collaborative content creates a solution that clients use to meet their own internal objectives

Bonus Idea

Use the reporting in CloudRadial for more meaningful business reviews.


Generate more revenue without hiring a single extra person.