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Selling Office 365 the Smart Way

Selling Office 365 the Smart Way

Achieve your goals by putting your service catalog in front of every end-user

If your clients wanted just “Office”, you would never have the opportunity to present your solution. Microsoft makes it easy to buy online, but they don’t make it easy to implement.

Competing with Microsoft on price is a losing proposition. Your clients are better served by buying what you do best – supporting Office 365. Build value for what you do by using pricing to show your strengths.

Download “Selling Office 365 the Smart Way” to learn:

  • How to make Office 365 a high margin product
  • How to avoid Office 365 selling challenges
  • How to differentiate your Office 365 offerings from Microsoft
  • How to convince clients to buy from you rather than direct from Microsoft
  • How to avoid losing money on Office 365 support
  • How to use bundling to present a better solution to clients

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