Client Reporting

Show clients what you do with automated
reporting clients can view at anytime.

Get started for $195 a month. Unlimited users for 3 months. Commitment is month-to-month. 

Ticketing & Service Catalog

Deliver Client-Focused Reporting

Stop spending time preparing point-in-time reports for your clients. CloudRadial’s automated reporting features deliver the reports your clients needs whenever they want them. With reporting out of the way, when you do get a chance to sit down with your client, you can talk about new projects and expanded services instead of reviewing reports.

Always Prepared

No more spending time preparing and sending point-in-time reports. Have all of your clients' reports available in their client portal 24/7.

365 Reporting

CloudRadial gives Microsoft resellers the tools they need to automate 365 reporting and deliver it inside their client portal.

Policy Reporting

Customizable compliance reporting designed to start conversations with your clinets that lead to quotes.

Warranty Reporting

CloudRadial replaces most warranty reporting tools with integrations with major equipment manufacturers Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft.

Infrastructure Reporting

CloudRadial’s makes endpoint, network, backup, and server reporting available to your clients when they need it.

Easy to Scale

Deliver an outstanding reporting experience to all your clients without having to spend time preparing individual reports.

Client-facing Dashboards

Fully customizable dashboards put easy to understand data that your client needs at their fingertips any time they need it.
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“I don’t need Warranty Master anymore.”

Dan Baird

Paronubi, Ltd.

Step Up Your Client Reporting

CloudRadial is unrivaled in active, automated reporting. Client endpoints, 365, warranty monitoring, and reporting on much more open up new opportunities for vCIO account management.

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