Jumpstart Your CloudRadial Implementation

The Jumpstart program is a mandatory CloudRadial implementation program that helps you get the portal out to your customers as quickly as possible with best practices so you can start taking advantage of the benefits from it immediately. 

Your Implementation Roadmap

Meet your goals with a defined plan.

We won’t let your new portal become your latest shelfware. Our Jumpstarts are based on proven deployment tactics that help you hone your portal’s focus while providing you with every resource necessary to launch successfully. With Jumpstart, you can’t fail.

What's Included with Your Jumpstart?

Self-Paced Online
Academy Training

Access technical setup training for any user on your team to learn how to use the portal - from service form setup to QBR best practices.

White Label Launch Resources

Get customizable material to look professional as you present your MSP's brand-new portal - including emails, flyers, checklists, and more.

Dedicated Specialist

Stay confident in your Jumpstart with a dedicated implementations specialist that helps answer questions and guide your successful deployment.

Customized Launch Tracker

Focus on deployment without getting lost or overwhelmed with a progress tracker that shows you next steps and current launch status.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We recommend having anyone that is responsible for client relationships be present. While there may be some technical setup, the majority of Jumpstart is focused on launch messaging and execution. 

Yes. Sessions are hosted on Zoom and are subsequently recorded. Your Jumpstart session recordings will be available within your launch tracker spreadsheet and are available to you for 30 days. We recommend downloading and storing them if you plan on keeping them for longer. 

Your dedicated implementation specialist (IS) will be your primary point of contact. You may require additional technical support during setup and technical configurations – but the IS can help coordinate this support to ensure that you stay focused on deployment and the benefits that come with it. 

Your implementation specialist will be available to you until your first successful portal deployment to a single client company. Typically, this is 30 days from the first scheduled Jumpstart session, but exceptions can be made based on circumstances (holidays, sickness, schedule conflicts, etc.). 

Immediately, although your implementation specialist may have you focus on other facets of launch preparation before focusing on them. If you require ample time to customize them, please ask your implementation specialist to share them whenever is most convenient for you. They are shared with Canva (https://www.canva.com/) and can be edited directly from there on the web with a drag-and-drop interface. Account creation is required with Canva but note that it is free. 

Once the first successful portal deployment is complete, the Jumpstart period is over. You will retain access to all resources except your dedicated implementation specialist. You will be assigned a client success manager that will continually check in on you to ensure your future deployments go smoothly. If you require additional help, such as through professional services, they can also connect you to them. 

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With all the proven Jumpstart resources and processes at your disposal, your successful portal launch is only a click or call away.