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Directly embed Vimeo videos into your portal with CloudRadial Client Services Automation for training and documentation purposes.

Vimeo Integration Overview

Embed your favorite and most relevant Vimeo videos directly into the portal with the click of a button. Use them to power up your training and enhance your documentation processes overall for your clientele.

How the Integration Works:

Vimeo videos are simply embedded into the portal via code. You can use CloudRadial’s native HTML editor video function to pull in the videos quickly and easily with just a URL.

However, you can also take more granular control and embed them in any way you want with our HTML editor. The choice is yours!

What the Integration Does:

  • Build Training Faster – Leverage your existing video resources to help educate your clients in the portal.
  • Engage More Users – Reading text can be boring – videos spice it up and keep users engaged.




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