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Make follow-up meeting scheduling a breeze with the power of CloudRadial Client Services Automation, built-in scheduling, right from the ticket.

TimeZest Integration Overview

On some occasions, submitting a ticket just isn’t enough. Our TimeZest integration makes it easy for you to prompt customers to schedule follow-up meetings after the ticket submission in one fell swoop.

Plus, since TimeZest integrates directly with ConnectWise Manage and Autotask, you can even have the benefit of knowing which ticket the meeting is about without having to ask your customer.

How the Integration Works:

TimeZest is embedded directly into the confirmation message after the ticket has been submitted. Using a simple line of HTML code, you can put the relevant meeting link after any ticket you choose.

Experiment with team TimeZest links, or those that lead to specialized teams/departments.

What the Integration Does:

  • Make Follow-Ups a Breeze – Prompt users to schedule a meeting immediately after ticket submission.
  • Go Direct to Ticket – Leverage TimeZest’s API integration to PSAs to tie in ticket submissions to their respective ticket owners automatically.




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