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Replace the native Syncro ticketing portal while also syncing information between Office 365 and Sycnro with CloudRadial’s Client Services Automation.

SyncroMSP Integration Overview

Improve your customer front-end ticketing experience with clean, easy-to-use forms that help them quickly get what they need. CloudRadial ensures your tickets come in pre-categorized with as much data as possible to help you supercharge your team’s productivity.

How the Integration Works:

Thanks to CloudRadial’s API integration with Syncro, you can import users into the portal on a company-by-company basis. The structure of your companies and their active users in Syncro will be reflected in CloudRadial.

What the Integration Does:

Ticket Integration

  • Client Management Routing – Route new tickets to client management for approval before releasing for service or order.
  • Tickets from Problem Reports – Feed pre-categorized tickets directly from problem reports to specific service boards.
  • Tickets from Service Requests – Feed pre-categorized tickets directly from service requests including directing tickets to sales or billing boards.
  • Question Customization – Prompt for any number of field types to gather information before work even starts.
  • Signature Prompts – Optionally ask for an end-user signature and use it as an end-user quoting system.

Service Board Integration

  • Route Tickets as Needed – Use pre-categorization to route incoming problem and service requests to the right boards for dispatch.
  • Show Status – Shows users their tickets or company administrators their company’s tickets.
  • Graph Ticket History – Show graphs of ticket history for the presentation of your efforts across the organization.


  • Invoices – Show invoices, statuses and enable the display of invoice PDFs direct from Syncro.

User Sync

  • Client Directory Sync – Sync Syncro users so that the company directory and your user list are always in common.
  • Office 365 Sync – Automatically import new Office 365 users into your Syncro portal.
  • User Billing Simplified – With accurate user lists, user billing systems become easier and create fewer end-of-month issues.

Discussion Integration

  • Friendly Presentation – A chat-like presentation of ticket communications makes it easier for users to provide the information I.T. provides need to resolve.
  • View as Discussions – Inside Syncro, support staff sees the same discussion updates as if they were communicating by email.
  • Management Comments – Makes it easy for client management to comment on existing tickets along with the end-users.