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Get alerts from your client portal sent to the place that you already know and love – Slack – with CloudRadial’s Client Services Automation integration.

Slack Webhook in Slack
Slack Hook in CloudRadial

Make sure that you never miss an update from your client portal with Slack. Whether it’s a notification of a ticket submission, a new customer satisfaction feedback result, or even just a notification of a failed report, you’ll always have it in front of you.

How the Integration Works:

Slack’s integration relies on a webhook. Through it, you can send alerts to specific Slack channels by triggering the webhook in certain conditions in the portal (such as in tickets, report archives, feedback notifications, and more).

What the Integration Does:

  • Never Miss a Thing – Add the Slack webhook functionality to key areas of the portal to ensure that nobody ever misses a ticket, feedback entry, report, and more.
  • Improve Your Workflows – Trigger workflows from your Slack webhook to supercharge your productivity and save as much time as possible.


Integration: Slack
Solution Type: Service
Integration Type: Email


Integration Type: Email

Email connections rely on an email address destination to/from CloudRadial.

Depending on the integration, this email may need to come from the tool itself (such as in instances of webhooks). Other times, the email comes directly from CloudRadial itself. Refer to the specific integration setup instructions for more details.


Integrating Slack
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