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Office 65

Add Office 365 data through integrating CloudRadial’s CSA that includes licenses, reporting, adoption data, login facilitation, and more.

Cumulative Dashboard
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Usage Data
Adoption Data

With an Office 365 integration, you can bring in your user data and make users have super easy one-click access to your portal. You can also get information regarding licenses, usage, security and more right from within the portal’s feature set.

How the Integration Works:

You can run a PowerShell script to create a CloudRadial application for your tenant which automatically pulls a read-only version of the company data. You can also tie in each company’s Office 365 data manually via Account > Settings.

What the Integration Does:

See License Usage

  • Office 365 Integration – Automatically pulls in Office 365 licenses to show license over or under usage.
  • Tracks Other Cloud Apps – Users can add their own cloud license reporting and allocate licenses by user
  • Unique License Groupings – Shows the similarities between license allocation which helps spot licensing inconsistencies such as with Office add-ons.

See Application Adoption

  • Office 365 Integration – Shows the same adoption usage data as displayed in the Office admin portal.
  • Email, Teams, Yammer, and SharePoint – Provides a clear tabular and graphic presentation of usage trends across users.
  • Adoption Planning – With the information presented here, it becomes easier to drive adoption and integration project plans.

See OneDrive Deployment Data

  • Monitor Storage Trends – Tracks OneDrive usage over time to show true usage.
  • Track Storage Problems – See when users are storing data that isn’t appropriate for OneDrive storage such as PST and ISO files.
  • Endpoint Level Detail – Combined with endpoint reporting, clients see the full picture of OneDrive adoption.

See Security Reporting

  • Multi-Factor Authentication Tracking – Track user MFA data with an Azure P1 license attached to a tenant.
  • Email Activity Graph – Show sent, opened, and read email and catch suspicious behavior.

See Voice & Conferencing Data

  • Ready for Teams Migration – Reporting for Teams and Skype for Business to aid in the migration.
  • Creates Client Awareness – Clients may not even be aware of the big strides Microsoft has made in their phone system and conferencing solutions.
  • Avoids Microsoft Portal – View usage data by user without the complexities of the Microsoft admin portal.


Integration: Microsoft
Solution Type: Office 365/GSuite
Integration Type: API


Integration Type: API

API connections are secured with a set of keys that need to be generated one time.

Once the connection has been secured, the tool in question will stay connected to CloudRadial until the key is deactivated. Refer to the article on the specific tool for instructions on generating the API key, as well as where to input it into CloudRadial.


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