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From improved client adoption to better workflows, CloudRadial’s Client Services Automation and Microsoft Teams is a great match.

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The premise of a Microsoft Teams integration boils down to one thing – go to where the people are.

Whether it’s embedding your client portal inside of your Teams instance or sending webhook data to channels for yourself, you can make the most of the portal by integrating it with the program that you already know and use all the time.

How the Integration Works:

For the Teams application, you will build a ZIP file that contains everything from the Teams App name to customized logos. Then, you can deploy the app to either a single or multi-tenant environment. Users in Office 365 will be auto-logged into the portal automatically.

For the webhook functionality, you can trigger messages to Teams channels by generating a webhook and inserting it into specific areas of the portal (such as tickets, report archives, feedback notifications, and more).

What the Integration Does:

A Full Portal Integration

  • Client Training – Provide access to your university library, including 20+ free Bigger Brains courses and self-developed courses.
  • Ticketing and Service Catalog – Show your complete service catalog when new services may be needed and let users submit tickets and order services.
  • Office 365 and Ticketing Insights – Document ticket history and Office 365 updates and outages.
  • Client Reporting – Inform administrators with complete reporting on your services and provide QBRs, assessments and more.

Painless Deployment

  • Automated App Builder – With just a few settings, CloudRadial provides a custom Teams application you can upload to client tenants.
  • Automatic Updates – Add the integration in minutes and have your full, white-labeled client portal available within Teams. All your changes and application updates to CloudRadial are reflected directly inside Teams.
  • Consistent Branding – Customize your client portal with your branding effortlessly, just as you do inside the CloudRadial interface.

Webhook Support

  • Never Miss a Thing – Add Teams webhook functionality to key areas of the portal to ensure that nobody ever misses a ticket, feedback entry, report, and more.
  • Improve Your Workflows – Trigger workflows from your Teams webhook to supercharge your productivity and save as much time as possible.


Integration: Microsoft
Solution Type: Office 365 / GSuite
Integration Type: Email


Integration Type: Email

Email connections rely on an email address destination to/from CloudRadial.

Depending on the integration, this email may need to come from the tool itself (such as in instances of webhooks). Other times, the email comes directly from CloudRadial itself. Refer to the specific integration setup instructions for more details.


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