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Seamlessly move your documentation through the CloudRadial Client Services Automation from IT Boost to your portal without reinventing the wheel.

ITBoost Integration Overview

Why reinvent the wheel with documentation when you can use what you already have? The ability to pull in articles from ITBoost gives you the ability to share your knowledge into your portal with just the click of a button (and some copy/pasting).

How the Integration Works:

Within ITBoost, you’ll grab the link to the document that you want to share and put it into a CloudRadial knowledge base article under a specific URL section. It’ll convert the document to a PDF so that the users can see it and print it out whenever they see fit.

What the Integration Does:

  • Save Time – Focus on using the documentation you have instead of re-creating it in CloudRadial.
  • Keeps Branding Consistent – Use the documentation your clients are already familiar with.`
  • A Single Source of Truth – Make management of documentation easier when it all comes from one place.




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