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CloudRadial’s PSA integration lets your customers use their Google email to log into the portal and access what they need within the MSP software stack.

Google Login
Google Setup

Google Workspace provides users a flexible, innovative solution for people and organizations to achieve more. Alongside Microsoft 365, it can serve as a powerful suite for productivity. This integration allows users to sign in using their Google mail accounts into CloudRadial, much like they can with Microsoft 365.

How the Integration Works:

The Microsoft 365 integration works by connecting to the client’s tenant and pulling in various information, such as user information, license count, and more. With Google, it’s a lot simpler – turning on the integration from Partner > Setting > Integrations will add the Google Mail log-in option to the portal.

Partners will still need a way to sync in the Google users (typically via PSA) to get them to import into the portal. From this area, you can also add in your Google Analytics account code to track user data in the portal.

What the Integration Does:

  • Make Portal Access Easier – Give your clients one less thing to think about with easier, one-click access to the portal via Google.
  • Gives Better Usage Insights – Google Analytics can help you figure out where your portal is most (and least) effective.


Integration: Google
Solution Type: Office 365 / GSuite
Integration Type: Email


Integration Type: Email

Email connections rely on an email address destination to/from CloudRadial.

Depending on the integration, this email may need to come from the tool itself (such as in instances of webhooks). Other times, the email comes directly from CloudRadial itself. Refer to the specific integration’s setup instructions for more details.


Integrating Google
Google Workspace’s Site