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CloudRadial’s CSA enables MSPs to take advantage of CSAT feedback with a two-way sync to Crewhu. Customer feedback is collected so that you can gamify your metrics to recognize your team and reward them for a job well done.

Crewhu Integration Overview

Integration Overview

We all know engaged employees are better for business—not only do they get more things done, but a happy team leads to more satisfied clients. The challenge? Figuring out the best way to keep them engaged so everyone can reap the benefits. Similarly, clients want to know that their feedback is being heard. Proving to your clients that their feedback is tracked, heard, and important to you is another critical way to build trust that you’ll do everything you said you would do for them.

When you integrate your CloudRadial portal with Crewhu, you get the best of both worlds. Crewhu feedback is captured in both systems, and CSAT gathered from the built-in tool in CloudRadial is sent to Crewhu. The end result? A complete experience that tracks customer satisfaction feedback from anywhere your customers live.

Together, you can gamify and motivate internal teams to provide better service in Crewhu while showing the feedback results and trends directly within CloudRadial with live data dashboards.




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