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    Send feedback results to and from Crewhu to enhance automation and get better CSAT reporting.

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    Crewhu’s customer satisfaction suite boasts many powerful tools such as net promoter scores (NPS), customer satisfaction tracking, templated reports, and much more. 

    This integration ensures that CloudRadial’s native CSAT function feeds into Crewhu (and vice-versa) so that you can keep the best of both worlds working together in harmony. 

    How the Integration Works:

    Within CloudRadial, you’ll generate an API key that Crewhu will use to share the results of its own CSAT data. On the Crewhu side, you’ll generate a webhook that you’ll plug into CloudRadial – that way, any CSAT originating from the portal will appear within Crewhu.

    What the Integration Does:

    • Better Visibility – Ensure your CSAT results are consistent across multiple systems and easily accessible to anyone who needs to see them.  
    • Enhanced Reporting – The more data, the better – both in Crewhu and CloudRadial, more data means richer dashboards and client-facing reports. 


    Integration: CloudRadial
    Solution Type: CSAT/Employee Rewards
    Integration Type: API


    Integration Type: API

    API connections are secured with a set of keys that need to be generated one time.

    Once the connection has been secured, the tool in question will stay connected to CloudRadial until the key is deactivated. Refer to the article on the specific tool for instructions on generating the API key, as well as where to input it into CloudRadial.


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