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CloudRadial’s Client Services Automation integrates to make it easy for clients to pay their bills with easy and seamless single-click access.

ConnectBooster Integration Overview

Say goodbye to time-consuming accounting tasks, stressful collections calls, and an aging A/R that just won’t quit. Use ConnectBooster to get paid on time, every time with an effortless cash flow that makes it super easy for clients to pay their bills.

How the Integration Works:

ConnectBooster hooks directly into your portal to provide single sign-on (SSO) functionality to clients that have access. Within their Account > Invoices page, they’ll be able to click the Open Payment Portal button to get auto-logged in.

What the Integration Does:

  • Make Accessing Payments Easy – Make getting to invoices to pay (or review) just a click.
  • Improve Billing Visibility – Why struggle with convoluted systems? Display the invoices that you want directly in the portal for 24/7 visibility.




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