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    Centrally manage and automatically reconcile cloud & SaaS vendor invoices by feeding in data from CloudRadial.

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    Integration Overview:

    Ingest information from the CloudRadial agent and use CloudOlive to parse it back out into accurate, billable line-items. Using CloudRadial’s information ingestion can help keep your invoicing accurate and up to date for clients in your ConnectWise or Autotask PSA with just a few clicks. 

    How the Integration Works:

    The CloudRadial agent ingests a lot of information – from details of specific endpoints to software installations on the machine. 

    Exporting the list of data from Partner > Reports > Endpoints & Servers can give you a rich list of data to use to reconcile your billing whenever you please. 

    What the Integration Does:

    • Automates Reconciliation – True up your bill by using CloudOlive’s document parser powered by CloudRadial data - no more having to input line-item data manually into their PSA.
    • Improves Margins – Bill clients accurately to profit more and lose less when it comes to licensing costs.
    • Improve Professionalism – Automating and streamlining the billing process improves your MSP’s reliability and reputation with customers.


    Provider: CloudOlive
    Solution Type: Invoicing/Billing
    Integration Type: Email


    Integration Type: Email

    Email connections rely on an email address destination to/from CloudRadial.

    Depending on the integration, this email may need to come from the tool itself (such as in instances of webhooks). Other times, the email comes directly from CloudRadial itself. Refer to the specific integration’s setup instructions for more details.


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