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    Offer the full ClipTraining course catalog alongside your own course catalog inside of CloudRadial CSA, no separate portal required.

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    Integration Overview:

    This custom integration into CloudRadial’s University makes it easy for you to deliver bite-sized security and Microsoft 365 training to your clients within the University > Courses area.  Authenticate your clients automatically and deliver a seamless training experience directly inside of their CloudRadial portal. 

    How the Integration Works:

    ClipTraining provides a course catalog to CloudRadial. When setting up the integration from within Partner > Settings > Integrations > ClipTraining, the ClipTraining courses can be generated as a CloudRadial content package.

    Any user with access to ClipTraining will be able to open a course within University > Courses and get seamlessly authenticated into a ClipTraining course, which they can take right then and there.

    What the Integration Does:

    • Provides Professional Training Courses – Deliver 150+ security and Microsoft-centric training courses to build out a powerhouse of a training portal.
    • Delivers Certificates of Completion – Upon completion of a course, users can get their certificate of completion.
    • Delivers Training Reporting – Track completion of courses on a course-by-course basis or student-by-student.


    Integration: ClipTraining
    Solution Type: University/Learning
    Integration Type: API


    Integration Type: API

    API connections are secured with a set of keys that need to be generated one time.

    Once the connection has been secured, the tool in question will stay connected to CloudRadial until the key is deactivated. Refer to the article on the specific tool for instructions on generating the API key, as well as where to input it into CloudRadial.


    Integrating ClipTraining
    ClipTraining Website