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CloudRadial’s CSA provides better, real-time support to your clients with chat launched directly from within your portal, integrated into your MSP software.

ChatAssist Chat
Chat Assist Setup

ChatAssist puts you one click away from your clients at any time. Plus, all communications sent through ChatAssist are captured in their associated tickets or activities automatically. Deliver a seamless customer experience while automating service-level agreement (SLA) response and resolution times.

How the Integration Works:

The integration is established from within the Partner > Settings > Account & Branding > Customizations tab. Once the URL for ChatAssist is plugged in, you can have your users initiate chats via the headset icon that appears in the top navbar of the portal.

What the Integration Does:

  • Connect to Clients Faster – Make the experience of reaching support fast and easy for your clients through their portal.
  • Improve Flexibility of Support – Tickets, chat, more – find the best way to communicate and support your customers.
  • Record Data Automatically – ChatAssist records chat transcripts for you against relevant tickets and activities.


Integration: ConnectWise
Solution Type: Chat
Integration Type: API


Integration Type: API

API connections are secured with a set of keys that need to be generated one time.

Once the connection has been secured, the tool in question will stay connected to CloudRadial until the key is deactivated. Refer to the article on the specific tool for instructions on generating the API key, as well as where to input it into CloudRadial.


Integrating ChatAssist
ChatAssist’s Website