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The CloudRadial Client Services Automation enables BrightGauge to leverage and display reports on CloudRadial’s planner, endpoint, and feedback data.

Bright Gauge Dashboard

BrightGauge can be used to take data from CloudRadial and display it in a graph format (this is done via Dropbox as a data intermediary). However, it can also be used to pull in data into CloudRadial’s dashboards for better client reporting.

How the Integration Works:

Once you connect a Dropbox account to CloudRadial, the data can be pulled in via BrightGauge to build dashboards. In CloudRadial’s Account > Dashboards area, you can embed any publicly-facing dashboard link to display it seamlessly.

What the Integration Does:

  • Pull In Portal Data – Use BrightGauge to visualize raw data from your feedback, endpoints, and CSAT within CloudRadial.
  • Build Better Dashboards – Connect in your BrightGauge dashboards to facilitate client discussions during meetings.


Integration: BrightGauge
Solution Type: Dashboard
Integration Type: Embed


Integration Type: Embed

Embedded connections rely on an HTML embed code inserted in the portal to function properly.

In most cases, this embed code is provided by CloudRadial through the respective integration’s support article. In some rare instances, the embed code may need to be acquired from the integrated tool. In either case, refer to the specific documentation for instructions on where to get the code.


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