Infrastructure Reporting

Deliver Transparency to Your Clients

With cloud applications and data, clients play a greater role in deciding the balance of policies, services and equipment they want to achieve their goals. In this cooperative environment, its important to give them the insight into the systems they have and that are managed by the MSP, even when they are remote, virtual or in the cloud. CloudRadial’s infrastructure reporting gives them insights into their infrastructure even when they can’t see it or touch it.


Tracks important business-centric information about workstations.

Automated Collection

Inventory is obtained through a very lightweight and easily deployed agent that is available from every user's dashboard.

More than Just Inventory

The agent collects a variety of information, such as OneDrive usage, to answer key business policy questions.

Warns on Outdated Equipment

Smart inventory analysis helps warn clients of aging and unproductive workstations.

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Showcase server management even when they are in the cloud.

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Lightweight Agent

The same lightweight agent that powers endpoint collection also works for servers and provides heartbeat check-ins to show clients the real-time status of their infrastructure.

Data Storage Trends

Helps clients see for themselves how servers are utilized and managed.

On-premise, VM or Cloud

Able to inventory servers in any environment and encourage migration to cloud architectures.


Show clients their software investments.

Tracks Installations

Tracks installations across all endpoints and servers to showcase common and exceptional application usage.

Version Monitoring

Applications are grouped by name and publisher and showcases the different versions installed.

Easily Searchable

Let's clients easily search across their software to determine which users have access to which applications.

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Keep clients involved in their domain ownership.

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365 Integration

Pulls domains directly from Office 365 to verifies their correct setup.

Tracks Changes

Tracks and alerts to changes in key domain record types such as MX and TXT records that can affect mail delivery and acceptance.

Client Customizable

Clients can add their own domains to monitor for changes and warn of upcoming expirations.


Auvik integration documents the network assets you manage.

Reports Devices

Lists network devices and shows their current status.

Reports Networks

Show active networks and their attached devices.

Integrates with Planner

Use network information to feed the vCIO planner for client discussions.

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