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Deliver Your Own Training Content & Courses

Informed employees need less support and are less likely to pose security risks. CloudRadial’s learning center gives employees simple and easy access to training aids, courses and Office 365 information. Use the provided Office 365, HIPAA and cybersecurity materials, add-on the Bigger Brains course catalog or easily write your own. Clients can even add their own content specific to their business.

Quick Start Library

Online training library to boost productivity.

Content Subscriptions

Partners can configure content in one place for all clients and assign content based on client need.

Automatic PDF Generation

Create quick starts from any PDF content or write your own.

Client Customizable

Clients can write quick starts and create categories to document their own internal processes.

Online Training

Gives staff the skills they need to prevent threats.


This short informative course gives users the information they need to avoid phishing and other common user-targeted threats.


Provides medical clients and those that service them (such as attorneys, CPAs and others) with the information they need to meet federal and state requirements.

User Recognitions

Delivers certificates of completion to users and notifications to client management.

Bigger Brains Integration

Optional Bigger Brains course catalog integrated seamlessly in your portal.

No Standalone Portal

Completely integrated, including billing and client assignment.

Reporting and Certificates

Uses CloudRadial's course reporting and certificate generation for your users.

More Control

You control which courses to provide to clients and whether to up-charge for courses.

Office 365 Updates

Keep everyone up-to-date with changes.

Tenant Specific

Shows upcoming Office 365 changes that are specific to the client's tenant.

No Admin Required

Users don't need to be admins or have access to the Office 365 message center to see upcoming changes.

Links to More Info

Includes links to Microsoft's own in-depth information on the upcoming feature changes.