MSP Service Catalog

MSP Service Catalog

Increase sales by making it easy for your clients to buy

Your service catalog is your best way to show clients all that you can do for them. CloudRadial makes it easy for any end-user to order new services, workstations, Office 365 licenses, training, project work and more from your client portal.

Show Clients What You Offer - Every Day

Keep Your MSP Customers thinking about the capabilities and possibilities of improving their company

Service Catalog Template Included

No need to start from scratch, we will get you started with a sample to edit and make your own.

Showcase Your Services

Promote your list of services in a way that that comes across as information your clients need rather than a sales pitch they might reject.

Turn End Users into Shoppers

Provide a destination, within your client portal, to learn and shop for services that help your clients work more efficiently.

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Let us show you how to sell more with your client portal

Make it Easy to Buy

Decrease your sales effort and increase your sales

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Online Conveniece

Make it simple for your clients to expand services, onboard new employees, buy new hardware, start new projects, order Office 365 Licenses (from you instead of the Microsoft admin center) and more.

Approval Routing

Get approval relating to the order, if needed, before it comes over to your team.

Customized Questions

Get answers and gather information relating to the order to streamline your process.