Desktop Tray Application

Your client portal just one click away from your users

Our Windows tray application provides the same client portal website experience in a desktop application with added functionality like the ability to execute local applications.

Easy Access

Provides convenient access to your client portal from the system tray.

Tray Icon

Easily accessed from the end-user's desktop, start menu and even system tray.

Run Local Files

Use the desktop app to provide shortcuts to local applications and files.

Always On

Provides a self-renewing login token to provide an always connected portal after the first login.

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Let us show you a better client experience

Better Ticketing

Better tickets with more details result in faster resolutions.

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Add Screenshots

Allows users to easily add a screenshot of all their active monitors to a ticket.

Configuration Information

Adds configuration information to client tickets for ConnectWise and Autotask.

Better Adoption

With your portal one click away, users will be more likely to use the portal than to call or email in.