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Jeff Farris, CloudRadial CEO and Ricky Cecchini, CloudRadial Training Guru will discuss recent product updates and demonstrate features to help CloudRadial Partners reduce cost, save time and provide an exceptional experience for customers. Register Here

Previous Webinars

Jeff Farris, Ricky Cecchini, and Seth Wilson offer a more tactical look at delivering the perfect QBR. Also, Seth and Ricky do some role-playing to demonstrate what a successful QBR looks like and how to get there.

Jeff and Seth take a look into CloudRadial’s June product updates including updates to Policies and warranty expiration reporting with integrations with Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

Jeff Farris, CloudRadial CEO talks to MSPs about how to deliver a business review that your clients will look forward to and only takes minutes to prepare. This one hour presentation dives into a comprehensive strategy to grow client relationships with business reviews.

Jeff, Ricky and Seth from the CloudRadial team review May’s product updates including the new Dashboards feature, community portal, synchronization improvements, and new CSAT functionality.

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