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Threat Protection

Block phishing, malware, adware, and more with real-time updates from the Machine Learning threat detection engine. Manage suspect TLDs through our industry-first active TLD custom filtering lists.

Anywhere Device Protection

Roaming Client Protection with Scout360 protects client devices off your network regardless of VPN status.

  • Roaming Clients for Windows and MacOS
  • Dynamic Policies for different rules in and out of office
  • Zero touch deployment with dynamic packages
  • One click remote uninstall/disable/forget
  • Active Directory and user aware/logging

TLD Threat List

TLD management is a unique feature to ScoutDNS allowing admins the ability to create allowed only top level domain lists in order to limit TLDs to those required for business use.

  • Create custom TLD lists for any policy
  • Choose from over 1600+ Top Level Domains
  • Prevent access to new and highly abused TLDs
  • Implement a zero trust approach to TLD access

Advance DNS Threat Management

Take control of your DNS layer traffic and enforce policy rules to address more advanced DNS based network threats.

  • Allow List only mode
  • Logging only for policy tests
  • Block MX records for mailer worms
  • Limit DNS Rebinding and Tunneling attacks

Manage Custom Lists

Take complete control of allowed and blocked sites through custom lists. Lists are object based and multiple lists can be applied to a single policy if desired. Lists can be set as Global automatically effecting all networks and sites.

  • Choose Local Policy lists or Global Allow/Block
  • Create Custom Whitelist Entries
  • Create Custom Blacklist Entries
  • Inclusion Shield Whitelist only mode

More CloudRadial DNS Features

Content Filtering

Manage 67+ categories, and create multiple allow/block lists that can be assigned globally or by policy. Add custom list entries direct from logs with a single click.


Network Visibility

Gain insights into your network with 30 days of searchable real-time logs, view aggregate activity counts by domain, category, TLD, record type, and more all with drill-down navigation. Get DNS message inspection with full RDATA and message response views. 


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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