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Network Visibility

Gain insights into your network with 30 days of searchable real-time logs, view aggregate activity counts by domain, category, TLD, record type, and more all with drill-down navigation. Get DNS message inspection with full RDATA and message response views.

Roaming Client Reporting and Visibility

Monitor roaming clients with detailed client data and reporting.

  • Log user, domain, and network
  • Track all sessions based on user, WAN, or LAN IP
  • Access/search 30 days of query logs on each client device
  • Track detected threats

Get In-Depth Domain Usage

Our Insight Domain page gives aggregate counts on domains up to 1000 rows deep. Use powerful filters to sort and view usage how you need.

  • Up to 1000 Rows aggregate use
  • Search across all sites and networks up to 30 days
  • Filter views by policy, category, and type
  • One click domain add to allow or block list
  • One click domain add to allow or block list

See All Activity by Category

The Category Insights page shows all domain usage by category for the selected time period. Easily identify the most common domains in a category and dive down into the log details.

  • View aggregate use by category
  • Single click drill down to domain aggregates or logs
  • Filter by policy, location, and more.

Explore TLD Usage

The TLD Insights page lets admins observe complete network use grouped by all Top Level Domains.

  • View aggregate use by TLD
  • Single click drill down to domain aggregates or logs
  • Filter by policy, location, and more.

View Activity by Record Type

Keep tabs on all record type activity across all locations and networks. Spot suspicious and unusual activity with drill down into domain and log details.

  • View aggregate use by Record Type
  • Single click drill down into domain aggregates or logs
  • Filter by policy, location, and more.

Drill Down Data Views

Our class leading UI makes it easy for admins to drill down from nearly any of our insights or log page views.

  • View the data you want within the given page
  • Dive deep into domain, category, and record type insights pages.

Explore Query Logs in Rich Detail

Explore query activity with 30 days of searchable log history. Use filters to sort by day/time/policy/site and more. Use the Reason column for simple description of allow or block rules to enable easy troubleshooting of blocked applications and sites.

  • 30 Days of History
  • Open text domain name search
  • One click add to allow/block lists
  • Detailed record data
  • Descriptive Reason column

DNS RDATA and Message Inspection

ScoutDNS message inspection is like running full time packet capture for DNS queries. Get detailed well formatted response and RDATA for every query. Ensure responses at network sites are expected and optimal results.

  • View RDATA on all queries
  • Inspect suspicious queries
  • See both request and response
  • Follow CNAME requests through to A record
  • View TXT and response messages

More CloudRadial DNS Features

Content Filtering

Manage 67+ categories, and create multiple allow/block lists that can be assigned globally or by policy. Add custom list entries direct from logs with a single click.


Threat Protection

Block phishing, malware, adware, and more with real-time updates from the Machine Learning threat detection engine. Manage suspect TLDs through our industry-first active TLD custom filtering lists.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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