ConnectWise Integration

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

CloudRadial’s tight ConnectWise integration keeps IT staff using the same workflows but with better data. Tickets come in pre-categorized and it’s easier to reach clients through ticket discussions.

CloudRadial is a complete replacement for the ConnectWise portal!

Ticket Integration

A seamless account management add-on for ConnectWise Manage.

Client Management Routing

Route new tickets to client management for approval before releasing for service or ordering.

Tickets from Problem Reports

Feed pre-categorized tickets directly from problem reports to specific service boards.

Tickets from Service Requests

Feed pre-categorized tickets directly from service requests including directing tickets to sales or billing boards.

Question Customization

Prompt for any number of field types to gather information before work even starts.

Signature Prompts

Optionally ask for an end-user signature and use as an end-user quoting system.

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Service Board Integration

Easily communicate to everyone in the organization.

connectwise ticket history with search

Route Tickets as Needed

Use pre-categorization to route incoming problem and service requests to right boards for dispatch.

Type, Subtype and Item

Pre-categorize incoming tickets and combine with ConnectWise workflows for powerful automation.

Show Status

Shows users their tickets or company administrators their companies tickets.

Discussion Integration

Collaborate with clients to create a unified solution for everyone.

Friendly Presentation

A chat-like presentation of ticket communications makes it easier for users to provide the information I.T. provides need to resolve.

View as Discussions

Inside ConnectWise, support staff see the same discussion updates as if they were communicating by email.

Management Comments

Makes it easy for client management to comment on existing tickets along with the end-users.

connectwise ticket chat with users

User Sync

Automatically keep your users and the client's company directory in sync.

office 365 directory synced with connectwise

Client Directory Sync

Sync ConnectWise users so that the company directory and your user list are always in common.

Office 365 Sync

Automatically import new Office 365 users into your ConnectWise portal.

User Billing Simplified

With accurate user lists, user billing systems become easier and create less end-of-month issues.

ConnectWise Portal Log Ins

Use your existing ConnectWise portal log ins and passwords or allow users to log in with one-time tokens or Office 365 credentials.

Endpoint Integration

Use data from ConnectWise to improve client reports.

Endpoint Warranty

Pulls warranty information from ConnectWise to create automated warranty reports for clients. Works great with Warranty Master.

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