Client Intranet

Deliver a portal clients use everyday to
boost their productivity as well as yours.

Get started for $195 a month. Unlimited users for 3 months. Commitment is month-to-month. 

Be Part of Your Client's Day

CloudRadial is a client-focused platform that not only delivers a better way for your clients to work with you, but a better way for them to work, period. If your client doesn’t already have a modern intranet, or is dissatisfied with their current site, you can offer them a better solution built into your client portal. Having an integrated intranet not only drives better portal adoption overall, but makes your MSP even more indispensable to you clients day-to-day operations.

Applications Pane

Link to all of your clients applications from a single pane of glass. Have their first clicks of everyday happen in your portal.

Staff Directory

You're already syncing users from your PSA and Office 365, so building out a staff directory is super easy.

Integrated Learning

Don’t send your client to yet another website for training. Send them to the portal they’re already familiar with – your portal.


Give your client a new way to communicate to staff. Send push notification to windows and create digest emails.

Company Calendar

Add any Outlook or Google calendar you'd like. Help your client stay on the same page with an online company calendar they can share.

Knowledge Base

You and your client can organize corporate how-to’s and procedures in one place using CloudRadials integrated company intranet.

Bigger Brains

Custom integration into CloudRadial’s University feature lets you deliver high-quality training, alongside your own content, with no additional portal or log ins.
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“The first few clicks of our clients’ day are inside our portal now. That’s priceless.”

Chris Copeland

Valiant Technology

One Portal to Rule Them All

CloudRadial streamlines cloud application access and brings together the tools employees need to make full use of their cloud environment.

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