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Work Together

Shared Information Keeps Everyone on the Same Page

Unlike other support portals that are I.T. only, CloudRadial lets I.T. and clients create a shared system that features client generated content alongside I.T. content. With the ability to collaborate, CloudRadial makes your clients integral to their own solutions.

Collaboration Ideas

Unified Service Catalog

Allow clients to add their own service catalog items and route user requests internally or to other outside vendors. Offer a single source for end-users to get their problems addressed.

Unified Knowledge Base

Allow clients to add their own knowledge base articles so they can answer more than just IT questions.

Unified Course Catalog

Allow clients to create their own training courses to help clients cover issues such first day on the job, benefits or workplace policies.

Shared Policies

Allow clients to create their own IT policies that they want scanned in addition to your list of best practices.