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Valiant Technology

A search for a better way to deliver QBRs leads to superior account management, controlled costs and improved customer experiences.

About Valiant Technology​

Valiant Technology is the award-winning managed service provider to innovative industries in New York.

We do more than provide tech support; we work closely with organizations at all levels to gain a deep understanding of their unique challenges and implement people-first solutions to facilitate positive outcomes.

The Challenge – QBR Overhead

Creating technical reports that provide value and insight while looking good is a daunting manual task that doesn’t scale with business. Dedicating hours to each client report became a barrier as Valiant continues to grow.

The Solution

Valiant’s Customer Success Director, Chris Copeland, discovered CloudRadial – and an opportunity to tackle several business challenges and provide an improved customer experience with a single platform. “Instead of spending hours each month struggling with Excel spreadsheets and PDF files,” says Chris, “We’ve managed to free up time to provide more value to our clients. It’s all there and available 24/7, ready to use when we need it.”

On-demand Reporting

CloudRadial allows Valiant’s clients to have a clear picture of their IT infrastructure at all times with the added benefit of a better understanding of services provided. Every MSP has to contend with the age-old question of, “what are we paying these guys for?” Chris and the rest of Valiant’s account management team are now able to answer the question before it’s asked.

“The planner tool is really useful for this,” Chris adds, “not only does it provide the cliens with a well-defined roadmap, but the ability to itemize one-time and ongoing costs give clients a much clearer picture of what they pay for ongoing support versus one-time acquisition costs.”

Collaborative Account Management

Valiant’s Technology’s involvement with clients doesn’t end at the server room. Their approach, known as The Valiant Way, treats each client as a partner and includes strategic planning daily – not just when things aren’t working.

CloudRadial’s Client Intranet, University, and Compliance Policies enable Valiant’s account management team to deliver value, facilitating a much deeper and collaorative relationship – particularly in onboarding, training new employees, making decisions for the future, and even how they start their workday.

“One very encouraging piece of feedback we receive about our portal is how much they see it as their own. A client recently told me it was the first few clicks of the day and that puts a smile on my face.”

Chris firmly believes that taking a more collaborative approach with everyone, from clients to his own team members, leads to better experiences, increased satisfaction, and healthy long-term partnerships.

Valiant Technology Team

While we are largely results-driven, our solutions are designed with people, not technology, in mind.

Our people-first approach is at the core of our culture, everything we do, and a part of the shared values that make us an effective team.


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Valiant Technology Team
"We’ve managed to free up time to provide more value to our clients. It’s all there and available 24/7, ready to use when we need it.”
Chris Copeland, Customer Success Director
Valiant Technology Team

Valiant’s mission is to create opportunities for our clients to achieve their goals by properly leveraging technology.