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See how Synoptek automated reporting and can now focus on client needs, at nationwide scale with CloudRadial

About Synoptek

Synoptek is truly a global MSP, servicing over 1,000 clients with offices across the US, Canada and India. By any definition they are a very large and very successful MSP often showered with industry recognition and praise from their clients. But even a wildly successful MSP with over 800 employees and some of the sharpest minds in IT, including Southeast Regional CTO Bo Bray and his team, still struggled to deliver Technology Business Reviews (TBRs) without onerous amounts of time spent preparing them. Business reviews are a universal challenge for MSPs of all sizes.

Automate Reporting, Focus on Client Needs

“Reporting and TBR prep were becoming a fulltime job for some of us, and that had to change,” said Bo “I had tried several tools that made a lot of reports that were interesting to me, but were of no use to the client.” He knew there had to be a better way which led him to discover CloudRadial. “I wanted my team to spend their time working on our clients’ roadmap not spending their time on preparing reports,” said Bo. CloudRadial allowed him to not only automate reporting so clients had it on hand 24/7, but also cut TBR prep to near zero.

Local Success to Nationwide Deployment

“We spend a little more time upfront when setting up clients, but this pays off every month after” said Bo who likes to establish a comprehensive roadmap with his clients and present it in CloudRadial’s Planner tool, “now even the most junior client advisor can prepare and deliver a really great TBR.” Bo and his team now deliver their TBRs inside CloudRadial, instead of reviewing a PDF. Presenting in the portal tends to drive more adoption which leads users to be able to see their product and service catalog and leads to conversation about increasing Synoptek’s scope of responsibilities.

Bo and the his Southeast team blazed a trail for the rest of Synoptek which has recently adopted it across all of their US regional business units. Working with innovative partners like Bo and Synoptek is the primary source for the innovation found in CloudRadial and we can’t wait to see what they continue to do with it.


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Bo Bray
"We spend a little more time upfront when setting up clients, but this pays off every month after."
Bo Bray
Southeast Regional Business Unit Leader, Synoptek