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About machineLOGIC

Founded in 2001 and based in Denver, Colorado, machineLOGIC is an award-winning managed IT service provider, delivering professional services expertise and Cloud, Security, and Collaboration solutions to small and mid-sized companies. machineLOGIC is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has been recognized as one of the top performing and innovative Managed Service Providers in the world according to industry publications such as Channel Futures, CRN Magazine, and Inc Magazine. 


machineLOGIC was initially introduced to CloudRadial by another MSP using the platform. After seeking a solution that would allow them to offer self-service options, streamline ticket management, automate onboarding processes, and provide tailored training content; they knew CloudRadial was the perfect fit for their MSP business.

"CloudRadial's been a game-changer for us. It's not just about submitting tickets; we can customize it for our clients' needs," said Daniel Johnson, CEO of machineLOGIC. "From self-service options to automated onboarding and training, it's all there. Unlike other platforms focused on stats, CloudRadial offers a broader canvas for us to work on. Being able to make it our own is what drew us in."



Sel'f-service solutions have emerged as a transformative approach for MSPs to meet their ever-growing customer expectations and to remain competitive in a fast-paced and dynamic market. CloudRadial's Client Services Automation (CSA) platform gives customers control over their IT infrastructure. CloudRadial instills a sense of ownership and gives customers an easy-to-use client services portal that contains a variety of resources.

Customers can find solutions to common issues via the Learning Management System (LMS) that contains a variety of training resources. At the same time, ticket tracking, report analysis, and other features enable customers to independently address their needs, resulting in quicker issue resolution times, reduced reliance on MSP support teams, and higher satisfaction with the services provided.

“The impact of CloudRadial's self-service capabilities has been remarkable. Our clients now have a user-friendly platform to find solutions, initiate workflows, and access valuable resources, all of which have significantly improved their technology journey.”



After implementing the CloudRadial platform, machineLOGIC quickly saw a huge increase in efficiency. With CloudRadial, MSPs can seamlessly automate their workflows, effectively reducing the need for manual tasks and improving response times. Smart Ticketing offers streamlined ticket management, resulting in quicker ticket resolution times. All while communications are centralized within CloudRadial's intuitive client services portal, ensuring that the MSP or customer can access what they need at any time.

These key elements work together to significantly enhance operational efficiency and help MSPs to free up valuable resources for bigger customer projects. Johnson explains that their “journey with CloudRadial has redefined how [they] engage with [their] clients. From self-service options to personalized workflow automation, CloudRadial has allowed us to align with the evolving needs of modern businesses.

The result? A more efficient operation and stronger client relationships built on a platform that offers much more than traditional MSP services.”


CloudRadial's CSA platform helps MSPs enhance service delivery by consolidating all client touchpoints into one single pane of glass. Working to boost efficiency through self-service features, robust automations, and integrations, MSPs and their customers can benefit from an intuitive self-service portal that helps customers become more self-sufficient.

“Great platforms like CloudRadial aren't just desirable anymore – they're necessary for fully engaged MSPs. Nearly every deal we've won in the past three years has been influenced by demonstrating the platform. Customers want an online platform experience, efficiency gains, and workflow automation, and CloudRadial delivers all that. From self-service content to tailored workflow automation, the ability to customize content for each client sets us apart. It's not just about fixing computers; it's about offering a solution that integrates seamlessly into their operations.”



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