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Drag and Drop Automations

Now available in CloudRadial's Unified Client Portal, this feature enables MSPs to build automated workflows for: 

•    Ticketing
•    Onboarding
•    On-demand reporting 
•    Triggering RMM commands 
•    Creating new opportunities


Forget learning code or writing complex scripts

Automate your go-to processes while giving your clients a better experience

Give your clients a familiar, Amazon-like shopping experience.

For clients, the front end looks like a simple “add to cart” and checkout process.

For you, the MSP, these actions trigger several back-end processes — that you no longer have to spend time orchestrating.


Drag and Drop Automations helps MSPs and service desk managers to:

Eliminate repetitive tasks

MSPs often get weighed down with the same tasks. Now you can stop drudge work and focus on more strategic projects.

Avoid burnout

From entry-level technicians to top-level executives, repetitive tasks can lead to burnout and disengagement. Assign mundane tasks to automated systems.

Stop inconsistent service delivery

Execute tasks like user onboarding, ordering hardware, and ticket resolutions consistently, making your entire MSP operation more dependable for clients. No need to learn code or add more integrations.


Just a few things you can enable with Automations

Client self-service software installations
Client self-service diagnostics
(Run scripts via Datto RMM)
Self-service scripts for resetting, cleaning up, and much more
Users initiation of opportunities for easier quoting 
Improved communication efforts with custom emails
Seamless passing of tasks to other automation platforms with expanded webhooks

Make your customers happier by giving them results right at their fingertips and make work easier for your service desk team