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CloudRadial + Wingman help MSPs save time, money, resources

Inside CloudRadial's unified client portal, access a dedicated Wingman course offering website advice and marketing services for MSPs.

Wingman MSP Logo

Wingman is a marketing service dedicated to helping MSPs elevate their brand, expand their audience, educate their clients, and boost their revenue. 


How this integration helps MSPs

Most MSPs need help to streamline their marketing and messaging efforts and often face challenges when creating marketing materials that sell and show the value of their MSP. 

This course teaches MSPs how to strengthen their marketing message and build a pipeline for lead generation. MSPs gain valuable insights and practical strategies for website optimization and marketing effectiveness. 

With Wingman, MSPs can: 

  • Easily access the course inside the unified portal and from there, set up a review with Wingman to work toward more efficient marketing strategies. 
  • Learn marketing basics with customizable marketing materials to help them kick-start their marketing and website efforts.  
  • Schedule a free website audit to learn which areas they can improve, such as copy and calls-to-action. 

Get full details and pricing with the Wingman MSP Marketing integration datasheet

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