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CloudRadial + Augmentt helps MSPs save time, money, resources

Get smooth data synchronization, reduce client noise, enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and manage clients at scale.

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Augmentt is a cutting-edge centralized SaaS (Software as a Service) security platform designed specifically for MSPs to deliver unparalleled managed security services for Microsoft and cloud applications.


How this integration helps MSPs

Using CloudRadial as the gateway to SaaS reporting, MSPs can provide the customer with another level of transparency, showing them what they are investing in.

By leveraging Augmentt + CloudRadial, the MSP can engage in high-level conversations around concepts such as Shadow IT, productive SaaS apps, and overall security.

Accessible Reporting in Portal

Having everything in one portal for customers to locate and view increases efficiency and helps keep the customers and MSPs organized.

A single centralized portal improves customer and MSPs’ communication, data management, and reporting capabilities.

This helps drastically improve and strengthen the customer/MSP relationship.


Provides Transparency

The availability of this information upfront in a portal fosters transparency between MSPs and their customers.

It facilitates more effective conversations and serves as concrete proof of the work they continue to do, reinforcing their confidence in the decision to invest in an MSP.

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More Informed Customers

Due to the easily accessible and transparent reporting, MSPs can equip their clients with comprehensive insights into their SaaS application security.

This newfound knowledge empowers them to engage in more informed discussions and better prepares them for meetings, leading to the development of more productive and proactive security action plans.

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