About Us – From LANs to Cloud to MSP


CloudRadial was founded by Jeff Farris to transform the way MSPs and IT service departments present, engage, collaborate, manage and advise their clients and end users. Transformation is built into the product. CloudRadial isn’t just a tool, it’s a strategy that reorients IT services around client needs and terminologies. It leverages existing industry tools through integrations and automations to create a digital-first client portal that consolidates all the IT touch points of ticketing, reporting, training, planning and account management.

CloudRadial is where MSPs and IT service departments live with their clients. It’s where collaboration begins. Every feature of CloudRadial is designed to be co-managed with clients. CloudRadial breaks the mind-set of a ticketing-first client experience and replaces it with an experience that enables a true business goals framework.

Jeff’s vision for CloudRadial is based on his years of software and entrepreneurial experience. His first company, Saber Software, transformed the LAN management space, went public and was sold to McAfee. Like CloudRadial, Saber’s products made technology understandable and easier to use for clients while at the same time making it easier to manage for LAN administrators. 

Our Leadership Team

Jeff Farris

President & CEO

Ricky Cecchini

VP of Product Strategy