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Our Journey

Jeff Farris, our founder, has been involved with technology since the mid 80’s, starting out with creating local area networks using Novell, IBM PC and ARCnet technologies for the Southland Corporation, the parent company of 7-11. As Manager of Office Automation at Southland, he installed and oversaw over 1,000 computers, 30 LANs and mainframe-based email and decision support systems.

Leaving Southland in 1987, he founded Saber Software Corporation, a developer of network systems management software. Under Jeff’s leadership as President and Chief Executive Officer, Saber Software ranked number 26 of Inc. Magazine’s list of Fastest Growing Private Companies. Jeff led Saber Software to a successful initial public offering and positioned the company to become the industry leader for network systems management products according to IDC. Saber was acquired by Network Associates (McAfee). In the year prior to its acquisition, Saber Software achieved over $20 million in worldwide annual sales.

From I.T. to The Cloud

After Saber, Jeff became President & CEO at e2 Communications, a provider of hosted email marketing communications infrastructure. Jeff led e2 Communications to become the recognized technology leader with a global customer base of over 400 customers including JC Penney, Starbucks, Adobe and Anheuser-Busch. e2 Communications was sold in 2001 after reaching $8 million in worldwide annual sales.

In 2005, Jeff took over the technology efforts at hyperlocal news pioneer www.bubblelife.com, a site founded by his wife Saffie, where he helped transform BubbleLife from servicing one community to over 250 communities nationally along with launching local news calendar aggregator www.localdebbie.com. Providing local news to almost a quarter of million people monthly, BubbleLife emerged as one of the top 5 local news providers and was sold to Advice Local in 2017.

From The Cloud Back to I.T.

After BubbleLife, Jeff returned to his I.T. roots and worked with two local managed services providers helping to align their business practices with new opportunities in the cloud. After seeing the frustrations of using tools not focused on the client side of I.T., Jeff founded Azurative to create a collaborative environment where I.T. providers and their clients could work closely together to bring about Microsoft’s vision of the modern office.

Jeff has also served on various boards of directors and assisted with numerous technology startup companies. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Sciences from Oklahoma State University.

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Our Leadership Team

Jeff Farris

President & CEO
Jeff is a technology entrepreneur who has founded two companies that grew globally to over 150 employees, led one of those companies to an IPO and has started or been involved with over a half dozen other companies working to establish them as leaders in their market and to successful exits.

Seth Wilson

Director Of Business Development
Proven marketing professional specializing in marketing for b2b businesses across diverse industries...

Saffie Farris

As an entrepreneur, I thrive to make businesses more efficient with technology. Today, I work with managed....

Ricky Cecchini

Director of Product Services
I'm an all-in-one IT business specialist. Business development, consulting, copywriting, content strategy, advertising and data analytics...

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